Unit Testing - Get Around the Event Loop

How to begin unit testing jQuery plugins, and how to avoid common pitfalls when dealing with asynchronous, or event handling code.

jQuery Developer Summit 2012

Announcing the inaugural jQuery Developer Summit, to be held October 15th and 16th, 2012 at the Aol Campus in Dulles, VA.

Snow Falling plugin

A plugin to create one snowflake initially, clone that snowflake at some time interval and add random values for properties for each of them.

3D CSS3 Book Generator

A jQuery plugin to work as a generator of books. The main idea is to display user friendly book basing on raw text (with images). When you turn the pages, you see the pages are turned in 3D (powered by CSS3).

Posting data from PhoneGap app to a server

Covering the steps of posting data to a server from a PhoneGap app using jQuery.

jQuery v1.8.1 is released!

jQuery core team has announced the release of jQuery v1.8.1 is released! This version fixes the issues reported by the community following the final release of 1.8.0.

Faster jQuery With Category Theory

It's certainly not something you expect to see at a conference about JavaScript, but even this far from its ivory towers it has an important role to play.

Single Page Apps with HTML5, Web API and jQuery

Learn how to build rich user experiences with Single Page Applications using HTML5, jQuery, Knockout, and the ASP.NET Web API.

Learn jQuery in 30 Days

Subscribe to get free video lesson each day. At the end of the month, you'll be able to use jQuery in your projects without help.

jQuery Color v2.1.0

jQuery Color supported animating colors between two hex values. Now, Version 2 comes with an API to create and modify colors, and supports RGBA & HSLA colors and animations.

Avgrund Modal Popup

A plugin to display modal boxes and popups, It does an interesting effect showing depth between popup and page.

Most Forked GitHub Repositories

Check out the most forked repo's on GitHub, the most popular social coding community on the planet.


A simple plugin to display the weather information for any location. Data is pulled from Yahoo Weather feeds.

Mistakes I made using jQuery, and how to avoid them

Andy Peatling's video about "Mistakes I made using JQuery, and how to avoid them".

HTML5 Drag and Drop File Uploader with jQuery

How to build file uploader using HTML5 drag and drop, along with the file reader API and PHP. Plus, using local storage to remember which files were uploaded by the user.

Top 20 jQuery Mobile Tutorials in 2012

Best jQuery Mobile Tutorials in 2012
Are you starting to work with jQuery Mobile -the most popular framework for building mobile web apps. check out this list of top jQuery Mobile tutorials in 2012.

State of jQuery - jQuery UI

Learn about the progress on jQuery UI in "State of jQuery" by Scott Gonzalez.

jQuery UI 1.9 RC Released

The first release candidate for jQuery UI 1.9 is out! Since the beta release, we’ve upgraded to jQuery Core 1.8.0 and jQuery Color 2.0.0 and landed quite a few more bug fixes.


Timeglider is a zooming, panning data-driven timeline widget for jQuery, good for history projects, project planning, and more.

Dynamic TinyURL Links Generator

How to create a mini form that will generate tiny URLs right from your web browser.

Flickr-Style Dynamic Edit Fields

How to build a set of dynamic photos with a title and description, then using jQuery we can handle user clicks on these fields to edit the content right from the page.

Going Deeper with jQuery Mobile

Creating a jQuery Mobile app is easy, however making it stand out takes work. This video will cover the inner workings of jQuery Mobile and show you how to get started with creating custom theming, icons and plugins.

Creating Interactive Graph with CSS3 & jQuery

How to build an interactive graph using CSS3 and jQuery’s plotting plugin "Flot".

Site Navigation in jQuery Mobile

How to create a site navigation page in jQuery Mobile triggered by a button in the main page footer.

jQuery Mobile API In-Depth

Presentation about methods, events and Responsive Layouts in jQuery Mobile by Jon Reid, the author of O’Reilly’s jQuery Mobile.

The crucial .0 in Google CDN references to jQuery

Each new jQuery release results in a new wave of sites linking to the Google CDN copy of jQuery in a way that seems intuitively correct, but results in needlessly poor performance.

Creating custom theme in jQuery Mobile

Tutorial on the basics of theming and building and using a custom theme for your jQuery Mobile app.

Customizing and Theming jQuery UI Datepicker

How to create your own theme to customize the calendar looking.

Survey results: libraries and cross-browser on mobile?

Results of an online survey by Mozilla about mobile development tools.

jQuery Picture

A tiny plugin for responsive layouts, It supports both figure elements with some custom data attributes and the new proposed picture format.


A plugin for adding fit-to-fill background video to websites. It can play silent ambient background video or series of videos.

jQuery Toggles

A lightweight plugin to create easily-styleable toggle buttons.

Free Website Template Powered with jQuery Slider

Set up your online business, get Free Website Template Powered with jQuery Slider for Business Site!

Creating a Twitter App Theme with jQuery Mobile

How to create themes using jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller based on Twitter's mobile app.


Combogrid enables you to quickly find and select from a pre-populated list of values as you type, but in a tabular and paginated manner.

jQuery 1.8 box-sizing

A new feature in jQuery 1.8 is the built-in understanding of box-sizing: border-box which is supported by every modern browser.

Triple Panel Image Slider

How to build a triple panel image slider with a 3D look and swipe transitions using jQuery and CSS 3D Transforms.


PhoneGap is an open source and free solution for creating mobile applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Palm WebOS, Bada and Symbian using the web code you know and love: HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Creating Tweet Book with jQuery and CSS

How to create a stylish Tweet book to keep your best friends and view their Tweets.


A lightweight datepicker plugin

dummy image

A plugin to render placeholders client-side using Canvas.

Google Analytics within jQuery Mobile

Due to how pages are dynamically inserted in jQuery Mobile, It is a problem for the traditional Google Analytics tracking code.

Google+ Profile Widget

A plugin to display your Google+ profile and slides down your recent posts with any attached images. Widget can also work with Google+ Brand Page.

Sparkle Progress Bars

Shiny Sparkle Progress bars with percentage label using CSS3 animation and jQuery.

jQuery coreUISelect

A cross browser and easy to stylize select element with jQuery and CSS.

Face detection jQuery Plugin

A jQuery plugin for detecting faces in images and returns theirs coordinates using an algorithm by Liu Liu.

jQuery UI 1.8.23 is Out

This update brings bug fixes for Datepicker, Dialog, Draggable, and Position, as well as adding support for jQuery 1.8.

Building a responsive image slider with jQuery

Create a responsive image slider to display images to maximum effect on all devices


A custom jQuery product slider with keyboard navigation, FancyBox, and more!


Wordsmith is a jQuery plug-in that adds on-demand word definitions to your site.


trunk8 is a text truncation extension for jQuery, It can cut-off just enough text to prevent it from spilling over.


jBar is a lightweight jQuery notification banner that allows you to create a simple call to action and bring it forward for the user to see at the top of your website.

jQuery now runs on every second website

There is a strong need for appropriate tools to make sites more interactive and webmasters increasingly turn to jQuery to fulfill this need.

Simple Lightbox with CSS and jQuery

How to create a simple lightbox for handling images.

jQuery 1.8 is Released

This release comes with big changes like: Sizzle re-architected, Animations re-imagined, Modularity, ..


A social plugin to create a media stream from multiple social networks like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube..

Responsive Navigation with jQuery and CSS3

How to create a responsive navigation using jQuery and CSS3 media queries to display small screens properly.


A lightweight plugin for fluid width video embeds.

jQuery Zoom

A simple jQuery plugin for zooming images on mouseover or mousedown.

jQuery development in WebStorm

WebStorm provides lots of small but really neat features to help you coding with jQuery.

Through The JavaScript MVC Jungle

An article about modern JavaScript frameworks that can bring structure to your projects and improving maintainability on the long-run.

jQuery Mobile: Buttons

An article about Buttons in jQuery Mobile. Buttons can render with a centered label, rounded corners and shadows.

5 Minute guide for creating mobile app with jQuery Mobile

How to build a list based app with jQuery Mobile in just a few minutes and hopefully encourage you to give it a try.

HTML5 Drag and Drop File Uploader

How to create a file uploader using HTML5 drag and drop, file reader API and some PHP.

WordPress Theme with jQuery Mobile

How to change a website layout on smartphones and tablet devices using the jQuery Mobile library to create a rich user experience.

Sliding Navigation Menu with jQuery

How to create a navigation menu while compressing large menus using sliding panels to keep the depth of your menu to a minimum level.


A light-weight content slider that simply allows you to create cool 2D or 3D slide animation transitions.

Develop Apps with jQuery

jQuery simplifies user interface development by simplifying basic functions like DOM manipulations and giving access to a large library of UI elements and techniques for technologies including AJAX and mobile devices.

State of jQuery - Sizzle

State of jQuery - Part II - Sizzle by Timmy Wilson.


Countdown plugin!

Smart Time Ago

A simple plugin to update the relative timestamps in your document intelligently.

jQuery PowerTip

A jQuery plugin that creates hover tooltips.

jQuery Mobile 1.2.0 Alpha Released

jQuery Mobile alpha release of 1.2.0 was just released. It brings a new popup widget, an autodivider option for listviews, and a host of enhancements and fixes throughout the library to make things smoother, faster, and more polished.

13 Most Popular jQuery Plugins of July 2012

At the end of another month, it's time to get an overview of the most popular jQuery plugins from July 2012.

Getting Involved with jQuery

Here are a number of ways to get involved with the development of jQuery core.


A plugin for creating animations from static images inspired in Eadweard Muybridge's Zoopraxiscope.

jQuery Job Trends of 2012

From a relative volume point of view, jQuery is the clear winner with a growth of more than 800,000%

HTML5 Sortable

A plugin for creating sortable lists and grids using native HTML5 drag and drop API.


A customizable & cross-browser content slider plugin that can be used as a carousel, scrolling website banner, or image gallery.