jQuery Experts to Follow on Twitter

Ever wondered who is behind jQuery? Are you looking for jQuery geek to follow on Twitter? check out this extensive list.

Bootstrap-style Dropdowns

Bootstrap-style dropdown plugin with some added features and no dependencies.

jQuery Popup Modal Contact Form

How to build a minimalist modal contact form using fancybox plugin to manage dynamic content.

HTML5 Sortable

A jQuery plugin to create sortable lists using native HTML5 drag and drop API.

Dragging without jQuery UI

How to make make things draggable with an optionally specified handle.

jQuery 1.8 RC1 Released

Try out this Release Candidate code wherever you use jQuery, and let us know about any issues you find via the bug tracker.

Exterminating Common jQuery Bugs

A presentation at aspConf: The Virtual ASP.NET Conference about Exterminating Common jQuery Bugs.

Custom Events in jQuery

CustomEvent is not currently supported in Safari or Internet Explorer but they are supported in several JavaScript libraries including jQuery.

Web Presentations Using jQuery Mobile

As jQuery mobile provides easily themeable, HTML5 interface with support for pages transitions, it is very easy to build web presentations that work on all popular smartphone and desktop platforms.

jQuery UI 1.8.22 is out

he twenty second maintenance release for jQuery UI 1.8 is out. This update brings bug fixes for Datepicker and Sortable, as well as adding support for jQuery 1.8

Pinterest Pin-It Plugin

A plugin that looks for all images in web page, and wrap it inside a container that come with a pinterest Pin it button.

The Fastest CDN for jQuery in 2012

Which CDN is best for jQuery, Which one offers the most reliable file hosting and the best performance for end users?

jQuery4u Plugins Awards 2012

A list of the best plugins in each category which is great news for plugin hunters.

Creating Mobile App with Tiggzi Database API

How to build an HTML5/jQuery Mobile app connected to Tiggzi Database (MongoDB).

Free Template with jQuery Slider for Pet Clinic

This theme gladdens the eyes with a nice layout, usability and simplicity of the design. Accurately arranged content blocks, featured image jQuery slider help arrange both written and visual information in the clear and effective way.

How jQuery works

Using a simplified version of jQuery library, this article will show you how jQuery() function generates wrapped set that allows adding custom function.

State of jQuery Core

Learn about the progress on jQuery Core.

jQuery Mobile Video Guide

A series of video tutorials that will help you learn jQuery Mobile and all the possibilities.

Consuming ASP.NET WEB API in jQuery

How to build an API service and consume it in client-side using jQuery.

3D Flipping Circle with jQuery & CSS3

How to create a realistic 3D flipping effect with the help of CSS3 transforms and shadows.

jQuery Approach

A plugin that allows you to animate CSS properties based on distance to an object.

Creating jQuery Popup Modal Contact Form

How to create a minimalist modal contact form using jQuery along with the fancybox plugin.


A plugin to help you show certain pages in an overlay window.


A plugin for building dynamic character and background animation in pure JavaScript.


jQuery plugin for creating Google Maps from semantic markup specified within the HTML.

Building Mobile app for Force.com using jQuery Mobile

How to build a mobile app using Trigger.io and the Force.com APIs with mobile features such as push notifications, geolocation and camera.

Flipping Slider Using jQuery & CSS3

How to display your portfolio grid with flipping slide effect using jQuery and CSS3 Transformations.

Visual LightBox JS

Visual LightBox JS is a free wizard program that helps you easily generate web photo galleries with a nice Lightbox.

Ideal Forms

A small framework to build and validate responsive HTML5 forms. It's built on top of jQuery and LESS.


Baseline.js is a jQuery plugin that helps you to maintain vertical rhythm set by a typographic baseline, even when adding inline images with awkward sizes.

Magnifying glass in jQuery and CSS3

How to create a realistic magnifying glass with jQuery and CSS3.


An easy way to make outstanding presentations via jQuery


A contained sticky sidebar plugin for jQuery.


A jQuery plugin to display preloading screen until the web page and images are loaded.


Hallo is a simple web editor that allows you to edit your web content as it is without the need for cluttered forms or toolbars.


An open-source Twitter fountains, built using HTML5, CSS (SASS) and Javascript.

jQuery.data() and HTML5 Data Attributes

How to deal with HTML5 Data Attributes in the jQuery.data() function.


A jQuery plugin to dynamically generates a table of contents. Tocify also provides support for smooth scrolling, scroll highlighting, and the HTML5 pushstate API.

Announcing jQuery Mobile 1.1.1

This is the first maintenance release for version 1.1 and it is full of bug fixes and improvements based on community feedback and testing.

Improved Developer Tooling and Yeoman

Yeoman is a project to help improve developer workflow, spanning everything from a comprehensive build process to package management.

More Tech Tips

MoreTechTips.net, jQuery-related blog that you should follow.


A plugin that binds HTML with JS objects in real-time

jQuery is not an architecture

A very simple examples of ways to structure your code as your application starts to grow.


A plugin to turn anything into selectable/checkable element.

Sortable Image Groups with PHP and jQuery

How to group images with ordering to create beautiful image galleries.


A bookmarklet and plugin to notify you when jQuery calls return zero elements.

Page Generation in jQuery Mobile

How to build a Mobile Bible viewer as an example of dynamically generating pages with jQuery Mobile.


A plugin to create a fluid asymmetrical animated grid.

jQuery 1.9 and 2.0 - TL;DR Edition

A short Q&A format to answer some of the questions on jQuery v1.9 and v2.0.

Volume Controller using jQuery UI

How to code a PSD UI and turn it into a functional volume controller using jQuery UI Slider theme.

jQuery Profile Picture

The Plugin can grab your profile picture from your favorite social networks.

Expanding Textareas

jQuery plugin for elegant expanding textareas

Worklight Studio 5.0 with jQuery

How to use Worklight to create a mobile application using the jQuery framework.

Getting Started with jQuery Mobile

How to get started with jQuery Mobile in 10 basic steps.

New Sizzle

A list of the main code differences between Sizzle in jQuery 1.7.2 and jQuery 1.8

Creating a custom jQuery plugin

How to build a custom reusable plugin for the jQuery library.

Touch Punch

A small hack that allows you to use touch events on sites using jQuery UI.

Usable Registration Form with jQuery and CSS3

How to build a usable registration form by coding hints into the layout using CSS3 and jQuery.

Swatch Book component with CSS3 and jQuery

How to build a swatch book component that rotates a single swatch and reveals some details using CSS3 transitions.


minjs is a collection of independent components. It helps you to use a few HTML5 form enhancements even if the browser doesn't support them.


Repo.js is a light-weight jQuery plugin to help you with displaying a Github repository in your site. As a Github user, this is a great way to show the contents of your projects.